November 12th 2019 - Princeton Announcement


We are pleased to announce the launching of our fiber to the home internet and TV services in Princeton Kentucky!  We have already been working behind the scenes to begin serving customers in the coming weeks. 

If your interested and want more information please fill out the following survey!

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 October 1st 2019 

We are pleased to announce the launching of our fiber to the home internet service.  We at Fastnet Wireless, will continue toward our goal of providing fast, affordable internet services without data caps or increasing rates and hidden costs to our customers.  We realized that between obstacles such as topography and/or population density, we had to utilize multiple technologies in effort to offer faster speeds to meet customers increasing bandwidth needs. We will be offering speeds up to 1 gigabyte depending on location*   

Our initial build out phase includes the Holiday Acres and Bell Hollow subdivisions in Lyon County Kentucky. 

We are selecting the next areas of deployment based of ability to serve and demand so please fill out the following survey if interested in blazing fast fiber internet to your home!!

Unlike other providers promising high speed fiber based internet we do not price it at a premium with lowest tier packages approaching $90 a month and two year contracts.  We feel any contract on residential service is unacceptable!!

Basic Fiber Plan 5mbps down / 1mbps  - $34.95

Family  Fiber Plan 50mpbs down / 5mbps  - $44.95

Media Fiber Plan  - 100mbps down / 10mbps  - $55.95

Max Fiber Plan - 1gbps down / 100 mbps up - $99.95

All with no equipment rental or hidden fees and contracts!!