Fiber to the Home Service

Fiber internet is Fastnet's next adventure. We’re are bringing this technology to the areas the national providers disregarded. We are building the infrastructure ourselves ditch by ditch and designing it to support the next generation that will leave the current standards in the dust.  By doing all this, we’re ensuring that you will be set well into the future with amazing high-speed internet. With the installation of our new fiber lines, we will know the inside and out of your fiber service. 

If you’re interested in receiving Fiber Internet, talk with your neighbors about your current service. If you agree it can be better and you’re interested in fiber internet sign up today. The more in your neighborhood who say yes to fiber internet, the faster we will be able to get your home our service.

By choosing Fastnet's fiber internet service, you will be on the cutting edge of this exciting technology. Stream movies, shows, games, and so much more with the fastest internet in the area and leave the other providers in the dust!

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Unlike other providers promising high speed fiber based internet we do not price it at a premium with lowest tier packages approaching $90 a month and two year contracts.  We feel any contract on residential service is unacceptable!!

Basic Fiber Plan

 5mbps down / 1mbps  - $34.95

Family  Fiber Plan 

50mpbs down / 5mbps  - $44.95

Media Fiber Plan 

 100mbps down / 10mbps  - $55.95

Max Fiber Plan

 1gbps down / 100 mbps up - $99.95

All with no equipment rental or hidden fees and contracts!!